Seek positive health with Yogavartanam

Avartan for General Health

Address all sorts of daily concerns like Indigestion, irregular sleep pattern, low stamina, muscular stiffness, distracted state of mind can be corrected with one daily dose of yogabhyasa.

It empowers the person to face the emotional, mental and physical challenges of the day with much vigor and positivity.

Series of practices in Standing, sitting, supine and prone position help in better blood circulation hence better nourishment and removal of toxins, strengthening and toning of muscles, improved range of motion and correct postures and balance.

Daily avartanas of yogabhyas helps to channelize one’s energy in much more balanced and productive manner.

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Relief from Chronic conditions

The therapeutic avartanas aims at providing support for various health concerns such as mental health, Post – covid recovery, managing one’s diabetes, thyroid, PCOD, Post Cancer treatment rehabilitation etc.

Not all Asanas and Pranayamas are advisable to people suffering from any particular condition. For ex. somebody who is having Arthritis needs guidance to do the practice without causing undue tension, pressure, and inflammation on the moveable joints and get positive results for the condition as well as the overall health.

The techniques can vary based on one’s health requirement, physical and mental ability. The sessions are designed to improve one’s current health condition. It also provides with a support to the main stream treatment that the person may be going under at that time.

It is always advisable to have a medical consultation prior the yoga practice to know the severity, caution and scope of improvement in any such conditions.

Specialized Group Avartanams

The specialized courses are dedicated to master a particular practice or series of practices for individuals and groups. Some of the groups can be formed as

  • Avartanam of Pranayam
  • Women special
  • Living in the Moment practice